Terlingua Sauce Company Inc

Makers of the best gourmet BBQ & pepper sauces

What makes Terlingua Sauces Better?

In the very beginning I decided to make sauces that focus on balancing flavors... 

My commitment to authenticity has always been at the core of my vision. I'm always questioning and ever evolving, that is my priority to bring to you the best quality products on the market.

It’s hard work but a labor of love as well as a testament to my cullinary background. 

I have very close relationships with my retailers and distributors and I intend to keep it that way, 

My desire again is to make the best quality sauces, and work with like minded people who care about great products that sell at a fair price, all of my peppers and produce are fresh which allows me to produce a product that stands out and is not a novelty but is unique. Give Terlingua sauces a try and I think you will agree.


! Viva Terlingua !